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Guild News

Images ported from this site to the new one.

Phenaren, Aug 27, 13 11:23 PM.
 Alright! After quite a bit of clicking... I have managed to get the pictures from the gallery here saved and will be posting them on the new site at

 If anyone has any photos of their time with the Phenarens please feel free to log onto the new site and toss them up in the new gallery!

The Pure Repopulating

Phenaren, Aug 27, 13 10:43 PM.
Patiently waiting for The Repopulation to come out. Anyone who has played SWG check it out! It's AWESOME cities, housing, vehicles, pets etc. ! Phenaren page has been restored at look us up there!

Home of The Pure - Relocated

Phenaren, May 20, 13 3:45 PM.
 Well, time changes all things. We have found a more adaptable site to move this site to in the site. A new web page has been set up for the Pure of old and new to join at their liesure.

 The wife and I are in The Old Republic at present and have formed guilds there for Republic and Imperial characters. While, we will not be recruiting for this guild as it will be mostly just for the wife and I to goof off in and for general RP purposes, we will be more than happy to invite ANYONE who has ever been a member of The Pure or any guild that we have over the years run!

 If you are a former guild member and would like to join our Phenaren Merc Corps guild on The Old Republic on the Ebon Hawk server then be sure to contact us on the new site or in game and we will gladly send you a guild invitation.

 This site holds many memories for myself and my wife. As we move away from this webpage to the new one I want to thank everyone and anyone who has ever made an account or posted anything on this webpage. Our friends have visited this site over the years to keep in touch with us from various online games and each of you have been a blessing to my wife and to myself.

 Thank You, Pure!

The new home of The Pure is,   
                        The NEW Home Of The Pure!

Happy Holiday's Denied?!?!

Mourn Gael, Jan 11, 13 6:13 PM.

Ok, they talk about the war against Christmas... but deleting my well wishes was just awful!  Bad internet!  I'm persistant though...


Voice of Phenaren named!

Phenaren, Jan 10, 13 4:05 PM.
 Congratultions to Spei!

 A long time friend of Rece's and mine. Spei has accompanied us across multitudes of MMO's. With our recent inactivity within The Secret World, Rece and I have decided to appoint an official Voice of Phenaren. Spei has the ability to contact us at practically any time throughout the day or night and will act as a direct conduit between us and The Pure.

 She has been promoted to the rank of General and will be from here on acting as the official Beta to our Alpha. With this promotion comes the great responsibility of being the Senior Officer within The Pure, a task in which I am certain she is fully up to. 

For updates on coming changes or events to The Pure please be sure to keep in contact with her.

 Congratulations, Spei!

 *******RP Story Line*****

 With Phenaren in pursuit of a method of combatting a dark and ominous spirit which seeks to possess the members of the Kain bloodline, Rowan "Spei" Malory has been appointed the official Voice of Phenaren. As the Exemplar of The Pure Spei has been entrusted with the most sacred duty of relaying the will of Phenaren to The Pure. As our lead researcher and scholar she is more than suited for this task.

Please entrust yourselves to Spei's guidance in this time as she will be speaking with the full authorization of Phenaren.

Congratulations, Nunnehi!

Phenaren, Nov 20, 12 5:25 PM.
Nunnehi has been promoted to the rank of Colonel and tasked with assuming the duties of being our Official Recruitment Officer!

 Nunnehi has been an avidly commited member and has brought us several exceptional Pure! Rece and I have unanimously agreed upon this and we wish Nunnehi the best in his new role and would like to offer our sincerest gratitude for his work within The Pure thus far!

Recent News

Mourn Gael, Nov 11, 12 8:07 PM.



Mourn Gael, Oct 31, 12 9:12 PM.


Disce Promoted To Pay Captain, Assigned as Official PvP Coordinator for The Pure!

Phenaren, Oct 26, 12 1:58 PM.
Congratulations, Disce!

Disce has been promoted to the rank of Pay Captain and has officially taken on the duties of Cabal PvP Coordinator. He has been an upstanding and loyal member for quite a while now. He persists in being a helpful and active officer within the Pure.

 Rece and I have unanimously agreed in his uprising to the rank of Pay Captain. We wish him the absolute best of luck in his continued progress through the ranks of The Pure and encourage him to continue to display the steadfast dedication and leadership that he has!

 To find out what is on the schedule for PvP Events, please be certain to contact Disce in game or on this webpage.

Halloween Fun and Elite Dungeon Day!

Phenaren, Oct 17, 12 4:45 PM.

This Thursday at 8pm CST/9pm EST We Will Kick Off the Halloween Fun!

  Friday Night at 8CST/9EST 
And Nightmare Dungeon Unlocking! We will be teaming up and performing needed Dungeons for Cabal Members Dungeon Unlocks! This will be a QL 10+ required event as we will be performing Elite Dungeon runs. All members able to are invited to log on Friday night at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern in order to participate in unlocking needed Elite dungeons or just to help out and have fun!

Savage Coast Lair Raid and Boss Summon Tonight!

Phenaren, Oct 12, 12 10:12 AM.
Tonight at 8pm CST/9pm EST we will be gearing up for a savage coast lair raid to end in the summoning of a lair boss!

 Last nights destruction of the Sarcoma went great and we have another ready to summon up! All QL's are invited to attend and we will form multiple teams if necessary to accomodate

Headline News

Mourn Gael, Oct 11, 12 1:03 AM.


World Boss Event - Wednesday!

Phenaren, Oct 8, 12 6:33 PM.
 This Wednesday we will be gearing up for a global event! The Pure of all QL's will be invited to join Rece and I in hunting down all spawning world bosses and destroying them! We encourage all members to attend regardless of what skill levels they may be at. We will form multiple groups if needed to accomodate all attending!

 Do you know the spawn location of a world boss you would like to see decimated? Wednesday at 8pm CST/9pm EST time we will be taking any suggestions for which bosses to properly Purify!

PvE Tuesday is Here!

Phenaren, Oct 2, 12 12:26 PM.

Thursday is PvE Night!

At 8pm Central/9pm Eastern so get geared up and ready for the events!
PVE Night could be a mirad of events from Dungeon Bouncing, World Boss Hunts, Lair Raiding, and many many more possibilities.  Hope to see you there!!

PvP Friday!

Phenaren, Sep 28, 12 12:43 AM.
PvP Friday is coming! Friday 10/5/12, 8pm Central/9pm Eastern time!

 The Pure of all QL's are requested to gear up and be readied for our first raid on Fusang. We will be attempting to perform a full capture and hold of the Fusang zone. Therefore, all personell is implored to attend this inaugural event in order to ensure The Pure's success!

 This will be taking place on the Leviathan (RP) server. An official anouncement has been made in The Pure thread on the official forums so expect resistance as well as aid in this effort to come sporatically and without warning!

 Rece and I look forward to seeing you all present for this monumental occassion! Please join us in establishing Purity in Fusang this Friday!

A successful Dungeon Tuesday and Three new officers crowned within The Pure!

Phenaren, Sep 26, 12 2:12 AM.

A great job by Nowell in coordinating a very successful Dungeon Tuesday! And Congratulations to The Pure's newest Officers, Luckiy, Disce  and Arstar!

 Well Dungeon Tuesday passed with great success! Three Elite Dungeons run in short order without a hitch! Nowell's planning and coordination was definitely recognized by Rece and I as he skillfully guided the group through not one, but Three Elite dungeons with no difficulty what so ever! This will be a weekly event and will be reoccuring next Tuesday at 9pm EST/8pm CST!

It is an honor for Rece and I that we welcome Arstar, Disce and Luckiy into the rank of Major! The rank of Major is indeed an integral one for The Pure as it denotes someone whose mere presence strengthens the whole of The Pure. Their dedication, loyalty and willingness to aid the members of The Pure at any cost has been unceasing! Rece and I have unanimously decided to promote them to this rank in recognition for their consistent efforts of offering aid whenever they are on.

 On behalf of Rece and I we would like to thank Luckiy, Disce and Arstar for their continuing commitment to The Pure and encourage them to continue their extraordinary efforts in guiding The Pure to perfection!

Introducing! Roleplay night!

ravenhawk1000, Sep 24, 12 10:58 PM.

Greetings and Salutations!

  Upon much discussion, we have decided  that.. for now, Sunday nights are our Roleplay nights! Anything from a meeting about our current assignments, to hitting the pub for a drink to perhaps the occasional party. This is our chance to interact together and get the Roleplay juices flowing!

Now this doesnt mean we only roleplay on sunday nights oh no no. This is more a chance to get to know each others Toons IC and brain storm some great story lines!

I cant wait to see you all there...

Spei (RP Coordinator)

**Sunday Night RP!  6 CST/7EST till whenever!**

The Official Phenaren Corps. Uniform

Phenaren, Sep 23, 12 3:21 PM.
 The Official Phenaren Corps Uniform:  See Here (Click me) for more info.

A Thank You to all Members of the Pure

Mourn Gael, Sep 23, 12 7:19 AM.

To You!

It is common place for anyone leading a guild to believe their guild is the best in the game they play. Those who do not feel so, should not be leading a guild.

It is another thing entirely to have your guild members Prove that thought to you by each days passing. You have all consistently done that. I have lead many guilds and held often that so common place thought of having the best guild. I have rarely been proven right on such a level as I have been with all of you.

On behalf of Rece and myself we want to thank you all for being so extraordinary. You are all the epitomy of what we hoped we would find within those we recruited for our Cabal. We have seen an exceptional rise to success already! And it is not solely our works that has brought that about, but, the works of all of you.

You are all loyal, active, devoted and extraordinarily ordered. You have all defied the status quo and risen well above that of what is expected of cabal members. Your efforts have grown this cabal famously and we implore you all to continue.
Persist at being truly nothing short of The Greatest Cabal in The Secret World!



Phenaren, Sep 23, 12 2:34 AM.


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